Tibet,China and India 1914-1950  by Alastair Lamb published by Roxford Books


Tibet, China and India


By Alastair Lamb


ISBN 0 90129 03 X 1989.594 pages,11maps,234mmx156mm.

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This book completes a narrative which the author began in Britain and Chinese Central Asia: the Road to Lhasa 1767 to 1905 (first published in 1960 and revised in 1986 as British India and Tibet 1766-1910), and continued in The McMahon Line (2 vols., 1966). It takes the story from 1914 up to the end of the British period in India in 1947 with a postscript relating to the first stages of the Chinese Communist "liberation" of Tibet.


Like the previous volumes, Tibet, China and India 1914-1 95 0 is based to a great extent on British archival material. It provides by far the most detailed account so far available of British policy towards Tibet during the final three decades or so of the British Indian Empire. It also throws a great deal of light both on the internal history of Tibet during this period and on the pattern of relations between Tibet and China.


Among topics covered are: British missions to Lhasa by Bell, Bailey, Weir, Williamson, Gould and Hopkinson; Sino-Tibetan conflict in Kham, including the crises of 1917-18 and 1930-33; Indo-Tibetan. border problems such as the Dopko Karpo question on the Tibet-Ladakh border and the Middle Sector Terhi-Garhwal dispute; the history of the McMahon Line from 1914 until the British departure from India and the genesis of NEFA; British views on the status of Tibet including the Eden­Soong exchanges of 1943; the nature of British arms supply to Tibet; the effect of the Transfer of Power on Anglo-Tibetan relations.


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