Au Cameroun Weaving-Tissage

Venice and Alastair Lamb


ISBN 0 907129 01 3 1981.192 pages,278 illustrations including77 in full colour.

Text in both English and French.

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It may well be that more categories of traditional African weaving are to be found in Cameroon than in any other country in Africa. Apart from several examples of the narrow strip horizontal treadle loom - used by men for weaving in the majority of states in West Africa - Cameroon also includes among its weavers a number of women who use the vertical loom which is usually associated exclusively with Nigeria.

. In addition, there are a variety of groundlooms used by men to weave cotton, sisal and other fibres; and in Foumban there is an extremely interesting group of vertical looms, probably derived from the groundloom form, which are used by both men and women to weave cotton and silk. Finally, in the Grasslands there are many men weavers using raphia fibre to produce bags and decorated panels of great beauty and sophistication of design. This wealth of textile traditions has resulted in the evolution in Cameroon of several decorative styles of traditional dress, styles which have continued to develop in recent times under the influence of imported factory made broadcloth and brightly coloured yarns.


In this book the various Cameroonian weaving traditions, and the cloths which they have produced, are examined in detail on the basis both of research in the field and of the examination of museum collections and photographic archives outside Cameroon. The result has been to reveal a most important aspect of Cameroonian artistic creativity past and present.


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